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Progressive appearance in every detail - Volkswagen Passat

Progressive appearance in every detail - Volkswagen Passat 

The superiority often appears as a result of its own strength and the ability to express it. The new generation of Volkswagen Passat vehicles brings beautiful design and functionality, and such these vehicles found their place within SMART Rent A Car fleet. 

The configuration of vehicles we have selected for you radiates impressive appearance in every detail. The Passat owes its elegant yet progressive appearance to the higher side profile and extended wheel base. The extended wheel base does not only amplify the sophisticated look, it also makes sure that the new Passat has more to offer, more leg space and more loading space. 

Intuitively controllable, the ergonomically designed seats and tastefully set interior guarantees relaxing and comfortable trips. Whether you are planning an adventurous weekend, everyday commuting, or a long range travel, we strongly recommend you VW Passat as the most progressive car in the CITY PREMIUM category of vehicles.